Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes


Intorq 14.105 and 14.115

In machines that have a centralised drive, electromagnetic clutches and brakes control the speeds of lower-level drive assemblies. INTORQ products are characterised by short operating times, low motor moment of inertia and torque transfer with no torsional backlash.

  • Clutch and braking torques from 7.5-480 Nm
  • 7 sizes
  • DC voltages: 24V
  • Thermal class B (130 °C)
  • Torque transfer with no torsional backlash
  • Wide range of applications thanks to the various types
    of magnet and armature element
  • Long rotor/hub guide with low rate of wear
  • Short operating times and low motor moment of inertia
    mean high switching frequencies

Application areas: Packaging machines, mechanical and apparatus engineering, gates, folding and printing machinery

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Intorq 14.800

Clutch-brake combinations
Clutch-brake combinations are frequently used in switched-mode systems with synchronous drive speeds. They are very rugged and easy to maintain.


  • Characteristic torques of 7.5-120 Nm
  • Brake and clutch mounted in a housing
  • Rapid acceleration and deceleration at constant motor speed
  • Easy to maintain as result of patented wear
    compensation system
  • Available with motor and gearbox from the Lenze
Application areas: Packaging and labelling machines, filling plants, mechanical and apparatus engineering
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