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Burkart Industries is centrally located in the Midwest, providing customers with quick delivery of all Lenze / AC Tech products. We have over 30 years of factory trained experience.

  • Lenze / Intorq BFK457, BFK458, BFK468, BFK466, BFK461, BFK470, and BFK471 BRAKES
  • Lenze / Intorq 14.105 CLUTCHES, 14.115 BRAKES, 14.800 BRAKE CLUTCH COMBINATIONS
  • Lenze Frequency Inverters, 8400 inverter drives, 8200 vector drives, 9300 vector drives, and 8200 motec.
  • Lenze Servo - 9400 Servo Drives, 9300 Servo Drives, and Servo Motors.
  • Lenze I500 Inverters
  • Lenze G500 Gearboxes and Gearmotors
  • Lenze Gearboxes and Gearmotors - GST-Inline Helical, GFL - Shaft Mounted Helical, GKR Bevel, GKK Bevel, GKS Helical Bevel, GSS Helical Worm
  • AC TECH Frequency Inverters - SMV Vector Drive, SCM, SCL, SCF, SCD, SMD, MC, and MCH Series Inverters
  • VOGEL GEARBOXES - Plantetary, Sprial Bevel, Servo Sprial Bevel, Bevel Helical, and Phase Shifter.

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Setting The Standard

The INTORQ brand stands for reliable brake solutions of the highest standard. Whether in cranes, wind turbines or lift systems – INTORQ products are used in the most diverse of applications. Rely on us to create the right solution for your drive – individually and reliably. Burkart is a Brake Stocking Partner.

Spring Applied Brakes

Clutches & Brakes

Future In Motion

Now in the hands of the third generation, our company stands for innovative and reliable technology in the realms of gearbox manufacturing for industrial applications. Our customers value us as fair and competent partners in the development of high-quality product solutions which prove their worth through precision, longevity and high power density. Keeping a permanent watch on the requirements of our target markets, and our high innovation potential, we aim to set standards. For maximum economy, for highest quality and for convincing service in the field of drive technology.

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  • Focus on the essentials: The new i500
  • Discover the Lenze Smart Motor
  • Brakes for All Applications
  • New Multi-Axis Servo Drives
  • IE3 ready motors

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